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Arnita Champion's Lower Body Workout



This workout focuses strengthening your Quads, Hamstrings and Glutes. Remember to keep your Mookie tight!

Love this workout. You are an inspiration 

You're awesome Arnita!!  Thanks for the video. Just wondering, do you lift weights as well? Or, did you get those beauty muscles just from rebounding?


Awesome workout!!!

Great workout!!! Thank you!

Hi Arnita! I love your work outs. And you are so sweet ;-) What do you recommend in the frequency of each different workout? You just do one everyday and then vary or do you recommend more? I am still building up some strength after rehabilitation so I must not force, but I also want to come forward ;-) I feel like jumping a little bit after each work out too!

You're an inspiration Arnita. You're close to my age and I want muscles like you have (:

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