I did  this without T bar...challenging workout.   I am wondering if its okay to do without T bar?

I can't think of a better way to start the week-end... after a glass of water lemon and my early coffee of course ;-)
As usual Faith, this workout is clearly explained, progressive and efficient!
My daughter has lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks and I got all my muscles back again (I'm 49).
Merci !!!!

Wow! What a beautiful scenery and perfect fro a Bellicon workout! I really like Faith, she is sweet and caring in the way she teaches. really liked it!

That was great: High knees. High controlled jumps. More intensity. Nature background. Stellar instructor. Thanks!

WOW intense workout in a short amount of time. Thank you, Fayth. Great to see you back with a new video!

Great to see you back with a new video, Fayth. [:11:] What a lovely setting (take a look at the Conservatory's web site - amazing). If this one doesn't get your heart and respiratory rates up you must be a machine! [:02:]

Thank you Fayth for the refreshing setting & kick*** class. As if I am at a rainforest in central or South America & the endorphins secreted from your best Cardio class ? What can I ask for more ? Truely blessed on so many levels. Thank you so much for enhancing my bellicon practice with beautiful visuals & great workout. [:01:][:01:][:01:]

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