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Arnita Champion's 4 Feet Exercises



Arnita is bringing to you four strengthening moves to enhance the flexibility for your Calves and the Achilles tendon. The bellicon allows a proper workout without any trauma to your feet.

this video is a good workout funny and motivating. Thanks!

I'm always left with a big smile on my face after completing a workout with Arnita Champion!  =D

I have really bad feet and tightness. This video was a killer for me but I will get better everyday! Thanks for these videos!

I loved this workout. Arnita is 100% right when she says that we don't stretch until we get injured. I made this mistake and found myself with a serious tendon injury in my foot, which had me off any impact or stretching exercise on my feet for over 12 months (including driving!). Thankfully, this injury eventually led me to getting my Bellicon in the first place, after I discovered Arnita's workout videos online and she advised that the Bellicon is the best in the business! 100% right. How often do you recommend doing this workout Arnita? I found it really challenging which tells me I need to do it more. Thank you. 


I really appreciate your sincerity and enthusiasm - your 'way' is extremely supportive in both physical and emotional/mental modes. you shine and share your glow with your viewers. thank you. and my calves are KICKIN' 

This is great for. my weak ankles. Thanks Arnita! 

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