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Arnita Champion's 4 Feet Exercises



Arnita is bringing to you four strengthening moves to enhance the flexibility for your Calves and the Achilles tendon. The bellicon allows a proper workout without any trauma to your feet.

Thanks for your Energy...[:06:][:06:]

Thank you again Arnita - I understand that until now I did it all wrong - my feet told me, they feel great!!! Wishing the best for you!

OMG. These exercises were exactly what I needed today.  Love your energy and teaching style.  Looking forward to tomorrow.


fantastic, thank you Arnita for your expertise, smile and support!

i used to be too scared to do Anita's workouts but now I think she's fab.

this video is a good workout funny and motivating. Thanks!

I'm always left with a big smile on my face after completing a workout with Arnita Champion!  =D

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