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Come and join me for my first core workout for bellicon Home!



helpful for timing / sequencing with teaching - awesome moves and supportive and inspiring 

Great workout.  Arnita I love your energy!  I don't think I would get through this workout with anyone else much less
 finish smiling! More videos by Arnita please! [:01:]

This is the best yet for my ABDS  I Love this trainer.[:06:][:01:]

Hello again Arnita.  Just finished second time with this core routine. (Love It) I seem to get a rug burning effect on my forearms when doing the plank/bounce.  What am I doing wrong?  I did wear long sleeve top but to no avail?  

At 52, you are an inspiration Anita! Not only a great ab workout but a great hip flexer workout as well. I really felt them doing the butterfly kicks and the knees to chest afterwards. 

Wow- AB BURN!!!  Thank you!!

Hello Arnita - Thank you for your elevating energy and sharing your story! I had two umbilical hernia repairs both not successful, which in turn impacts the pelvic floor, core and the rest of the body as you are right it's all in the core. In addition, had two surgeries on the left knee. Can you by chance address the pelvic floor and the core and help strengthen the muscles of the legs?! I did your workout twice now as I just LOVE the vibes you are bringing, but did have to modify a bit more and incorporated the other three pelvic floor exercises instead of the last two exercises you've given as I would injure self is do those exercises. The planks were fun but I did modify a bis as there is muscle weakness to overcome. Meanwhile, just after the two workouts feel stronger in the core and with better posture. Look forward to your thoughts and supportive workouts to the predicament I'm seeking to come out strong again.
Oxana [:01:]

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