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Come and join me for my first core workout for bellicon Home!



You're going to need plenty of water for this one.

I made it through!! It was tough, but so worth it

Wow, Wow wow! What a happy day it will be when I can do full minutes without stopping! Awesome challenging goal to work towards!

HAA...ard  I would say even better.... HARD to follow you during the workout  ! But I release nothing I hang on !  [:13:] Thanks Arnita for your encouragements.

Brigitte from France

Awesome workout! I did it the first time- I had to take some breaks or modification [:02:]love her.

Awesome workout! Thanks[:01:]

I did it till bits of me wouldn't move.
If I'm here to get stronger, I think I'm in the right place!  

I repeated this the next day... Got through it imagining all the other situations Arnita's smile might get you through the pain.  Despite this, my muscles packed up even earlier, and I found it hard to climb back on the Bellicon

woww this workout is very hard for me, but also very very good. I will practice it more often to listen to it completely .... but I will not give up .... Thank you for this great training

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