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Remy D.'s Strength Exercise



Remy D. is back again! This time to show you how you can strengthen all muscles using the bellicon. bellicon weights are used in this video but can be substituted for vegetable cans in your own pantry.

Super workout pour bras et abdos !!
Remy toujours aussi adorable ;-)

not my favorite

Very good , trank you 

Awesome workout! Thank you Remy

[:08:]Oh my abs ! Thank you,Remy!

Lol “thumbs up for a party”, luv it!  :)). Great work outs, like the added weight option too.  I needed a bit more balancing time at the beginning this time.

Question:  I’m using the orange mat & bungees, with the stabilizer arm to hold the iPad.  Any chance the routines can take that “dead zone” space into account, and add verbal tips throughout the routines on how to do the arm moves, etc. without hitting the bar/iPad when one needs to keep eyes forward on the iPad during the whole routine?

Side Note:  Due to close up eye sight limitations, can the company work on a quick loosen and relock iPad holder option?   Maybe a push-n-release mechanism and gimbal, rather than a wing nut turn option.   To allow a quick bar swing option to lower the iPad holder towards the mat, for continued close up viewing of the iPad during mat stretches, etc.? [:01:][:02:]

Done. Almost all the way through, but soon, I’ll get that done, too! Thanks for this new workout. I look forward to more, and more and then some more.

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