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Remy D.'s Strength Exercise



Remy D. is back again! This time to show you how you can strengthen all muscles using the bellicon. bellicon weights are used in this video but can be substituted for vegetable cans in your own pantry.

This one is more of a level 7 or 8 compared to the "Low impact one" which is more of a 5.

Thank you Happy man!!!  One of my favorite workout :-)
That's a core and upper body one that can be added to Jeremy's "Cardio Crush" workout (legs, core and glutes)


Wow, what a fun strength workout. The core work that involves seated bouncing was funny and awesome! 

That woke me up

Loved it!!!!! [:01:]

I really loved this workout!! I dont have the bellicon balls so just did without ;-) And did not really onderstaand the ellbow exercise technique so I hope I did that one correct. I enjoy the playfullness way you show in your training. Brings me  a smile on my face and joy in my heart and exercise!! Thamk you so much. Keep it on!! Thank you Remy D. Groetjes, Angélique

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