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Full Body Workout by Remy D.



Video stops after 45 seconds... tried in Chrome and Edge - Please fix as no point using this platform if you cannot watch the videos!!

Can't play this video past 49 seconds.  Any suggestions

The video stops right after Remy explains about the 3 points on the foot. I logged out and back in again and continue to have the same problem.

It still stops after 1 minute. Couldn't try it.

I only seem to have 45 secs. A streaming problem.

The video did stop after one minute on my computer, not an ipad, just normal computer. Can you fix that? Would love to see it.

Won't play past 47sec [:12:] Have tried repeatedly, even tried turning on fast forward and skipping past that point but no luck[:09:]  Please fix.  It worked before for me when it was first loaded but now it will not.

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