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Breeze by the Lake - bellicon Move



Great simple explanations. Easy to follow. 

Really appreciate Fayth. She’s knowledgeable and motivating w/o being annoying ie. too perky, overly animated, etc.

Super Workout, alles dabei, das werde ich bestimmt öfter machen! Exzellent! Auch Fayth ist extrem sympathisch <3

that was a really gentle re-introduction after not having rebounded for a while. Really enjoyed this. Just enough challenge for starting out. Succinct relaxed instruction

I love this workout but between 9 and 7 minutes to the end it keeps repeating.  I've listened to it twice and it's happened at the same place both times so its not my internet connection.  It would be great if this could be fixed.  Thank you.

First of all I love your videos, but it would be interested to know which clip you are using in the videos. I have the medium blue clip and sometimes it seems that this clip is not strong enough for some excersises. 

I enjoyed the workout.

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