Big Bounce



A high-flying workout for more experienced bouncers. Boosts balance, cardio and strength by adding some extra g-forces.

You're KILLIN ME Jeremy!!! However I LOVE IT!!! God Bless Your Beautiful Spirit!!!! 

Wow: that was GREAT!!!!!

I loved this one! I've been doing these videos almost 6 months now, and while I really like them all this is the first time I felt compelled to leave a message. Great fun and feels great in the body.


This is my NEW favorite!!! Jeremy is right, you can't keep the biggest grin off your face doing this routine -- even better than jumping on the bed as a kid! Thanks, Jeremy! 

This is great - thanks Jeremy![:01:]

Thanks for centering a workout around some more advanced moves that get the heart rate going. Nice, simple and fun. The music also is cheerful and sets me in the right mood for the day.

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