Weight Loss #6



[:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:] LOVED IT!  Fayth is such a great teacher! 

Another great lesson. Thanks so much

Great workout!!

I was wondering what color her clips were?  maybe red, extra strong?  Still deciding which strength to choose for myself and husband.  

Great for when I only have a few minutes to fit in some exercise. Will definitely do this one twice when I have more time.  Thanks!

I have just completed this 6 Loose Weight series for the second time. 
It is just perfect as I start it on Monday and do the last one on Saturday. That allows me to "rest" on Sunday :-)
Little hint, when I wake up and before anything else, I drink a warm glass of water and lemon before starting any workout.

Once again.  Excellent instruction and great warm up for my strength training program.

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