Weight Loss #6



More than halfway there! We continue instructing Paige on using the bellicon for a full cardio workout, not excluding the planks!

Very good and short video.

Very goI’d and short video.

Das sind tolle Trainingseinheiten!! Man fühlt sich wie Neu geboren:-) mit 62!!!Danke...

Great wake me up

That was a real good one again!
I love it that Fayth keeps talking all the time, correcting posture, giving gentle reminders, throwing in a bit of motivation... and I really found the coordination arm movement GREAT!! - until the moment when Fayth said "and now your LEFT arm up", when actually it was MY RIGHT arm, from my viewpoint, and it all went beserk.
So please, if you make new videos, can you just mirror the spectator's sides? otherwise it gets really tricky I think! (It already happened in the video before, but I thought that was due to the fact that it was Billy who performed it, and I thought, well ;-), guys have such a had time with coordination and doing what they're told already ;-) , so let's not be too strict... - but it actually helps me a lot when the trainer mirrors the sides. But I am in Europe, maybe there's a continental difference? All our aerobic, Zumba etc trainers shout "raise your right arm!" when they actually raise THEIR left arm.

[:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:] LOVED IT!  Fayth is such a great teacher! 

Another great lesson. Thanks so much

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