Weight Loss #2



We introduce a new student, Billy, in this full body workout video.

Awesome, awesome workout! I gave it my all and I poured sweat in cool weather. Thanks you guys. One of my favorite from the belight series.

J'adore celui-ci !!!! 
Super simple tout en étant complet : jambes, fessiers, bras et abdos. Et qu'est-ce qu'on transpire ;-)
Merci Fayth et Billi !!

[:01:] Great - i like it!!!!

Really fun. The video and instruction quality is great.

Did the video, but it wasn´t marked as done....

Hello. So I follow this 2nd video 2 days ago. Yesterday (so the day after), I start feeling a pain in my left elbow. The pain has gotten worse and worse and now I have a very painful tendonitis in my left elbow. Any idea why? What movement caused this? Did I do something wrong?


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