Weight Loss #1



The first of many videos focusing on weight loss. Paige and I demonstrate the various cardio, balance and power moves that will make you sweat!

Great way to start.  Felt like I got a good workout, but wasn't dying. 

Love this video, ive worked out to Paige & Fayth hundreds of times over 2 1/2 yrs.... Thank you ladies! This is one of my favorites!

That was great - thanks!

Hi Fayth 
how do i stay away from pronating?
do u have a video to demonstrate 

Fayth and Paige are a great team  What a great workout!

Liked this one a lot!  Instructor plus demonstrator is an excellent idea.......

I've done this Weight Loss #1 many times, now that I have joined I can continue with the others.  Love Bellicon!

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