Weight Loss #1



The first of many videos focusing on weight loss. Paige and I demonstrate the various cardio, balance and power moves that will make you sweat!

Loved this video!  I don't have a Bellicon (on my wish list!) but a rebounder.  I am sweating like crazy and had to go back into the march a few times.  I have been "dancing" on my rebounder for a week so I expected this to be easy.  Bravo!  Feeling my muscles getting stronger ♡

Serious buffering issues with good wifi connection - anyone else experiencing this??

beginner rebounder and i enjoyed the session, look forward to the next one to help me lose weight,
get better balance and get ready for this winter vacation skiing in January.

Loving my new bellicon they are the best, I am loving these fun work out videos :) [:01:]

second time I do this video, this time with 2 Kg each weigh, hard work, but fine!

This is the very first time I have used a Bellicon training Video, I have owned my Bellicon since 2011.  The Weight Loss Video #1 pushed me into a new realm of body physical fitness.  I am currently recovering from critical anemia and the Bellicon Rebounder is working all my body cells.  Thank you Bellicon for getting me started and I look forward to my next video session.  [:01:]


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