Intro to T-bar



Engage hard-to-reach leg and gluteus muscles while practicing proper alignment with help from the T-bar.

Very nice glutes work!  I love the way Fayth keeps talking and correcting postures.
The left-right-instructions were really hard this time (se your right leg and tap and put your left arm on the right side of the T-bar.... and actually it's all reversed!  :-)

Barre work on the Bellicon! I loved it!

About how high should I set the T-bar?

FANTASTIC!! Thank you!!

What's the weight of your ball? 

I love my T-bar, and this is a good workout for me for after a good cardio (for toning purposes).  I'm hoping to see some cardio t-bar workouts where the bar is used for cardio.  

Wish there were more workouts using the T-Bar! This one's great already!

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