Core and Bounce



An intensive core workout that includes a mixture of abdominal exercises, performed on your back, with a dash of energetic cardio bouncing.

You and your workouts are my daughter's favorites!  She is 6 years old and did your entire workout.  

Thank you, exactly what I needed,

Thank you. What a great short workout. Will definitely revisit.

Love love love

Quite hard for me on some moves, but very nice and simple workout. My Abs will remember ;-)

Some of the moves of this workout are too difficult... for now!!

I went back in the library of workouts and found this one. I enjoyed how you incorporated a specific ab workout with the use of the Bellicon., and the fact that you threw in a bit of some nice high-intensity jumping (both knees up). This was a great combo to me and I'll revisit this workout often.

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