Sprint and Bounce



A short sprint and bounce to improve your endurance and power.

Jeremy and Fayth are my FAVORITES...Love this Program!!! Thanks!!!

I loved it! Started my day in a great way

Wow - that was intense!  Thank you!!

I just love this one!!!!!!
 Simple and tonic moves that are adaptable to ones level.
I will keep it in my FAVORITES.
Merci Jeremy :-)

Great way to wake up and get charged for the day! Thanks!

Sprinting is only on forfood or do I have to push down the heel in the mat?
thanks - bellicon is my best start in the day and helps with my digestion when doing it before going to bed. I love it. Hello from Mexico. Karin

Great tough workout.  I'm glad it was only 10 minutes!  Awesome![:03:]

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