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Challenge 50 Minute Class



This work out starts with a slow warmup but develops into a challenging class. Follow trainers Paige and Jeremy as they complete a 50 minute cardio blast and strength class.

I love the videos but lately they keep pausing or freezing and so,etimes i lose my workout. I am using safari on an iPad mirrored to my smart tv. Is there something I can do to fix this? 

Another amazing workout.. thanks Fayth, Paige & Jeremy!

wow wow wow! just another great, great workout with Fayth! Love it! Thank you Fayth!

Really enjoyed this one!

Great workout!  Fayth is fantastic at stressing posture, breathing, core tight.  (small side comment--the music gets louder than Fayth's voice during stretches.  You can't hear when to switch stretch sometimes.)

loved this class!  thanks and keep high cardio ones coming!!

I really enjoyed this and surprised myself by managing to do everything but the push up arm lifts, thanks for a great workout

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