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Challenge 50 Minute Class



This work out starts with a slow warmup but develops into a challenging class. Follow trainers Paige and Jeremy as they complete a 50 minute cardio blast and strength class.

Hi Faith
Your classes are amazing!!  I have been doing them for a few years now.  I have a question for you regarding bungee strength.  I have been using "strong" since the beginning but I tend to gravitate towards the edges of the bellicon at times because I like the firmness there as well.  I was going to try extra strong - I weigh about 127'ish.  I know according to the chart that is not my optimal but wanted to get your input.  BTW  I used to be a pilates trainer too!  Probably one of the reasons why I love your classes so much!

Excellent Cardio, fun & not boring! Thank you Fayth, Paige & Jeremy! 

Sweat so much! Thank you! 

This one was really good !

Fayth is a very talented teacher. Her corrections and positive feedback are much appreciated. 

Fayth this is another great workout! Your explanations of the movements are perfect, so it is always possible to keep up. Thank you!

Sehr gutes Training, allerdings kommt zum Ende hin immer eine Fehlermeldung und man sieht für mehrere Sekunden nichts. Relativ nervig. Ansonsten hat es Spaß gemacht.

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