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High Intensity Interval Training Circuit



Wow!!! So unexpected, I am sweating like hell haha, just amazing work out !!!! =D Thank you Fayth!!! You rock!

Will always be my favorite workout  in my beloved studio!

I love this workout - no excuse for not having time to do it! Please, please do some more then we can have a choice of a few HIT workouts. [:01:]

Great workout, just found the music was loud in comparison to the voice, couldn't hear the instructions. But Fayth for me is the best! 

Packs a lot into 11 minutes. Great when you want to get a work-out in and you're short on time. Also works well combined with some of the other shorter and/or non-cardio videos.

Hi I

Loved this! Talk about a great workout in a short time! I followed with the Relaxation video for a great 30 minutes of exercise. 

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