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50 Minutes Intermediate Art Gallery



This is a fabulous workout. I love these longer, intermediate workouts for days when you don’t want anything super intense but still want a full body workout. Love the long stretching section!

Lovely relaxing work-out! Unfortunately it was sometimes (at the last 15 minutes) hard to understand/hear what you where saying as the loud music went across your words, Faith. 

Thanks Fayth.  You are a wonderful trainer/teacher. I do a variety of your Bellicon videos.  I joined here because I was so impressed with your coaching skills/style and the results I noticed after the trial period.  Keep up the good work.   The 30 minute ones with everything included are the easiest for me but this one is worth returning to at least once a week.  

Great workout- Thank you Faith!

Really relaxing video. Not very strenuous but covers most body parts. As usual Fayth is amazing. So easy to follow. 

[:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:] Super !

Thank you Faith for this video (and your other ones).
I didn't feel well today (neck problems again and headache) but still wanted to do a little workout to go on with weight control. This video was awesome because it was a little bit of sport, but in a very moderate way and a lot of loosing up and relaxation.
I'll keep this video as my favorite for the "bad days"

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