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50 Minutes Intermediate Art Gallery



This workout is a full length 50 minute intermediate be360 workout. Work on cardio, balance, flexibility, and finish with a relaxing recovery at the end. All set in an art gallery in Evanston Chicago.

I love all of he workouts I've done with Fayth, she is an amazing instructor.

Super workout, it includes everything in a nice tempo!! [:01:]

This was a wonderful workout. Fayth's suggestions and comments are perfect.

This is fantastic! I really liked the PNF stretching part for the hamstring, I had the impression that it really gets better every single time! thank you![:01:]

This is a fabulous workout. I love these longer, intermediate workouts for days when you don’t want anything super intense but still want a full body workout. Love the long stretching section!

Lovely relaxing work-out! Unfortunately it was sometimes (at the last 15 minutes) hard to understand/hear what you where saying as the loud music went across your words, Faith. 

Thanks Fayth.  You are a wonderful trainer/teacher. I do a variety of your Bellicon videos.  I joined here because I was so impressed with your coaching skills/style and the results I noticed after the trial period.  Keep up the good work.   The 30 minute ones with everything included are the easiest for me but this one is worth returning to at least once a week.  

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