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Is rebounding good for tightening our face?



This might sound like a weird question, but when I was researching rebounding I watched a video from a guy who sells rebounders with springs (was a year ago, so can't remember his name - but he often did comparisons of his rebounder vs the bellicon), he was demonstrating to a lady how you can tone your face by doing specific exercises for the face on the rebounder. I was wondering if you have found this to be true, that rebounding helps to tighten the facial muscles, skin? If so, are there moves you would suggest? Could you do some videos on it if so please. :) Now that I have my beautiful bellicon, I was going to try to find that video on youtube again, but would really love to know if it is beneficial and what are the best moves to do. Thanks! [:01:]

Hi Kim, I saw that same video about rebounding and face toning. As I was watching the video it seemed to me that he was holding his face in certain positions while he was bouncing. It reminded me of a book I bought called Facial Fitness. It has a lot of facial muscle exercises and I have tried them and they work. Anyway, I was thinking if I hold the facial position while I bounce, it will probably work the face muscles even more since the bouncing will increase impact. Like the guy on the video said..."How do you make your face do a push up?...bouncing."

Not Sure, but rebounding is excellent for overall toning of the body and may also help to tighten face. It is a cardiovascular workout that also helps to lower cholesterol in addition to fitness.

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