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Is there a best way to land on our feet?




I'm new to bouncing, have been watching the videos, and was wondering if there is a proper way to jump and land most of the time on our feet? 

Should we be placing most of the weight on the balls of our feet or on the balls and heels or across the whole foot? I watched the beginning bouncing video and saw it talked about stomach and knee alignment  (love Fayth!) etc... So for example when we are doing a regular up and down bounce how should we distribute the weight on our feet and most of the time when we are bouncing and there is not a specific landing move such as being on our toes is there a proper bouncing technique for our feet?  

PS. Love the mix of trainers in these videos, so many great personalities and different teaching styles. So fun and so excited and happy I got a bellicon. :) [:01:]

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