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Suggestion for Video Platform



I absolutely love my Bellicon and the video platform, but I have a few suggestions to make it more user friendly.
1. The time clock is usually obscured by the background of the video. I recommend a solid black background for the clock, with the clock remaining white. That way it will be visible regardless of the video background.
2. I would love to be able to organize the videos I use into different categories that are seen only to me (for example, HIIT, Quick and Intense, Longer with Stretching). In addition, I"d like to be able to make personal comments on the various videos, which would only be seen by me.  For example, I did my favorite Arnita Champion video this morning, but I had forgotten that I wear 2.5 lb wrist weights instead of 3 lb hand weights, and I like to add on a shorter video for an arm workout. Having the ability to make this note would make me an even more loyal customer.

I love those suggestions and have made a similar suggestion about the clock myself. I great platform to learn from is Pilates Anytime. You can organize your classes and make notes. It's great.

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