Hi Bellicon Team,

I recently found your video platform after trying for so long to find good Rebounder videos. I love the videos and they're the second best rebound videos I've seen online...

The absolute best videos I've found are from a trainer called Narcisa Aho-Glele. Her videos have great music, well choreographed to each song, really motivating and so much fun. With her videos I feel like I've gone out dancing instead of doing a workout. Unfortunately her videos are no longer being produced, but I read in an article that Narcisa was working on a project with Bellicon and am wondering if we will see some of her videos here soon?

I'm also curious to know why all the videos use generic music? Are there licensing regulations that mean you can't use well known songs in the videos? Will this change in the future? The music is such a great motivator for me. I know there are playlists BelliconUSA has on Spotify, but it'd be great to have playlists put together that are specifically for individual videos on here.