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Hi, guys! I'm not sure I'm posting this on the right board, but have you ever considered putting together a weekly schedule of workouts, combining videos focused on cardio, strength, balance, etc., so all the major areas would be covered in a balanced way throughout the week? As someone who uses the bellicon (and the videos on Bellicon Home) as my main form of exercise, I feel this would be a great bonus. The plans are great, but so focused on one main goal that I wonder if I should be switching things up, instead of following a certain plan daily.

I think that is a great idea!! Please consider

Exactly the same for me

sounds like a great idea! [:01:]

Following! I am interested in a more balanced and diverse plan to follow as well.

same with me. I'd also like to follow more than one plan at a time.

I would be interested too :) 

In the mean time, can we follow more than one plan at a time?

I'm following your post, Ana, because I have the same question. I'm looking for a balanced workout I can stick with.

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