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Wrong bungee strength



Not sure if this is a proper place to post this, but has anyone else ordered the wrong bungee cords? I'm bouncing and there's no give at all. I read some online forums (not Bellicon sponsored) that said extra strong bungees would provide a better workout and last longer if you wanted to do intense workouts, however I'm just hurting my calves more than anything.  What should I do? Is there a way to replace/exchange them? I really want to use my Bellicon and experience the benefits. 

Dear Emily,
If you already used your bellicon, I doubt you could exchange the bungees, but you can always order new ones, with a different strength and colour. You can check which strength would be the best for you on their website- they have a very good explanation, and it depends on your weight and kind of workout you want do to. Extra strong is good for the intense workout, but only if your weight is high enough ;)

Good luck!

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