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More Intermediate to Advanced Videos Please~




I'm fairly new to Bellicon ( 2 months) and just wondering when we might see some new videos preferably LONGER duration and Intermediate to Advanced. I bounce at least 5 times a week and have gone through all my favs several times and love variety. I love this format and appreciate all the trainers.


I do the workouts 5-7 times a week and always look for as close to a thirty minute all inclusive, total body workout.   Please know that Serena is not alone in her request for longer ones, if they could please average about a half hour with those nice warm ups and cool downs included.  I don't have the time so I too, repeat the workouts.  Prior to Bellicon I did the same 30 minute DVD for two years about 3-5 times a week it was tough but saved time.   Absolutely love the weight loss series and repeat the longer ones within it.  Fayth has one in an art museum that is about 50 minutes long and lower intensity.  It is a good one to go to for a change when time allows.

Ah, I hear what your saying Felix and thanks for your quick reply however there are only 3 videos available in the "Long / Advanced" category. Just would love to see a couple more options... I usually group a couple of videos together to get a longer format but then I'm forced to do several warmups which depending on the trainer can be a long warmup of arm circles. I look forward to seeing the new videos. Aloha~

Hi Serena, thanks for asking! What kind of workout do you like most? We will launch a few longer ones in the coming weeks. Most bellicon Home users want videos between 15 and 25 minutes - so we have to deliver those as a priority. Best, Felix

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