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Just wondering if anybody could help.

Is there any way to play the videos through a TV?  Our PC is in a room which doesn't have enough space for the bouncer and would be great if we could play these videos in the living room where we use it.


I have used an HDMI cord to connect directly to the TV.
Now I cast to my Apple TV however it won’t track my activity.
I was wondering whether anyone had found a solution or work around to this?
kind regards 

Hi everyone,

I have looked into this as well and have found that the Smart TV apps that allow web browsing are very 'clunky' (on-screen keyboard typing, mouse navigation) and are not so easy to use to log into website.  No current Smart TV with web browser apps, regardless of price, is able to do this without still going through a cumbersome web browsing interface.


If you have iPad/iPhone/Apple TV or Android device/Chromecast/etc combos, these are great to stream or cast the videos from your phone or tablet, with the simple web -browsing interface of your tablets.   However they require the addition of the Apple TV, FireStick, Google Chromecast, etc.   My wife does not like to deal with tech, especially when several steps are involved and the if  the log-in interface may be cumbersome, so I came up with the following solution.


If you have a spare HDMI input into your TV, this is the (potentially) cheaper alternative, albeit with an additional cord.  Even though it means (1) another wire/HDMI cable and (2) an HDMI adapter for your device (Android adapter is cheap while the Apple Lightning to Digital AV device is expensive at $40 on sale),  this solution is plug and play and reduces (1) the battery-use of the tablet to wirelessly cast the video to the Apple TV/etc. and (2) reduces an extra wi-fi signal in the air if you are trying to reduce your EMF exposure.  A side benefit to this is that the HDMI Cable/Adapter is very travel-friendly, allowing you to bring it with you and hook up to a hotel room HDTV to use for other workout videos (yoga or bodyweight exercise routines) in your room, or just to play your movies on the room tv. 

**Note regarding Apple Lightning to Digital AV Device---There are 3rd party cheaper ($20+) alternatives to the Apple one at $40-$50, but i've found non-Apple equipment to sometimes fail versus the consistent dependability of the over-priced Apple one.  You can see the reviews online of these 3rd party devices.  Also, future Apple devices (like the current iPad Pro) may switch to the HDMI-C 'type' solution like Android devices and those HDMI-to-USB-C adapters have been good from 3rd party companies for a cheaper price-point.**

Also, regarding Janet's comment about the tablet holder, I feel that the tablet holder is a waste of money if you already have a big-screen tv to plug into.  It's difficult enough to watch something on a tablet-sized screen while jogging on a treadmill, let alone jumping vertical on a rebounder.   If you have a big screen, purchase an extra HDMI (length according to your needs) and HDMI adapter for your iPad/tablet to attach to your device.  It would be much more versatile and a great addition to any travel hotel room workout.

Hope this helps.

Hi, I‘m using the Firefox App on Amazon Fire TV to play the videos on tv. 

Same situation here.   Had to move whole computer set up to a different room because it is not on Roku or Youtube.  We don't own any Apple products yet, so my set up is in the only room with ceilings high enough and screen large enough to follow along.   Does anyone use the tablet holder during workouts and enjoy it?  The screen size of course would be so much smaller.  The tracking is good for encouragement goal setting. I wouldn't really want to lose it although I did rebound DVD's (mini-trampoline) for years and they too were effective without any tracking,

Apple TV here as well. Luckily I had my tech savvy son set it up and show me how to use it. I play the videos on my iPad or iPhone and stream them to TV via the Apple TV device.

I use roku on my tvs along with roku roket app on the ipad.  The roket app casts to the roku connected to the tv.  


For example: I use 'Apple-tv'. This is a special device which demands special equipment that you have to buy in the shop. Easy installation. The i-Pad or i-Phone or other apple devices can then be used for playing the Belliconvideo's on your tv. Without plugging anything in. 

 therwise, without this device, I had to plug a wire from my casual laptop (no Apple) in my tv. 

Best is to go to a tv or computer store and get some adice.
Good luck!

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