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If you find the music in some of the videos annoying or too loud, please let Bellicon know.



I find that some of the music played during the videos is annoying, too loud, or appropriate for a 1980's disco, but not my living room. I have reached out to Bellicon about this, suggesting that they respect their users and providing options. The best would be to be able to turn off the music entirely, but that would require them to re-record many of the videos. Perhaps greater sensitivity and awareness of the issue will help them create a variety of videos to suit all of our needs. Just because someone wants to do high intensity training (like Remey D'd videos for examples) doesn't mean we want to do it to a loud electronic beat. I urge anyone who feels the same to add your opinions here and let Bellicon know by contacting them here:
If they hear from enough customers, they may well change.
Thank you.

Yes, I agree...the music is annoying! I now always turn off the volume and use my own playlist of jumping songs: And also: my son is a great composer....he could make music for the Bellicon! : )

I have to agree, more than once while doing a video the music will randomly drown out the instructions.  Or be so annoying it's somewhat distracting.  The music itself usually isn't bad, it's just not keyed up to really find a good bounce.  And jumping to a good beat is awesome.  The audio could definitely be improved or at least have the option to mute it.  

I like having the music, but would like to add my voice to those who would prefer to have a choice in the matter :-)  Especially when it drowns out the voice.

I would also very much appreciate the option to turn off the music and keep the voice instructions. It would allow me to listen to my own choice of music or sounds or silence while bouncing and still be able to hear the spoken instructions instead of having to stay glued to the screen in order to follow the bouncing routine. 
Apart from this point of improvement I want to let you know that I greatly enjoy the bellicon videos.

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