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Trying to bounce fast



Is it just me, or does anyone else find it hard to bounce as fast as the folks do in the videos? I've tried bending my knees, leaning forward, pulling in my abs...all the tricks they mention. It's like my body just refuses to go that fast! Maybe after lots and lots (and lots) of practice, it starts to get easier? Curious if anyone struggles with that? Thank you!

I just received new Ultra Strong bungees and started swapping mine out today.  Wow, what a difference in strength to my existing ones which were clearly worn out!  I decided I'm not going to swap out the whole lot just now as I really got accustomed to having to work harder at keeping up the pace on the faster vids.  Guaranteed your bungee strength is a huge part of your inability to keep speed.

Just got my bellicon and did my first workout tonight and I noticed the same thing. And my back feels tight. I dont know if im tensing up or what lol. And I cant bounce as fast. So I wondered if my bungees are not stiff enough to have the quick response that im looking for.

Hi Theresa, don't worry - the movements we show here in the videos are just an example of how you could bounce yourself. You do not need to bounce at the exact same speed. It heavily depends on the bungee strengths, your weight and the speed you are moving yourself. 

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