I am new to rebounding and have to say I LOVE IT! For those days when I am rebounding to music, it would be great to have a playlist that was specifically geared to a consistent beat like those used for the videos. A Bellicon playlist on Spotify would be lovely! Just a thought. Keep up the great work. I wish I had discovered Bellicon sooner!

Can you throw one in there that is all house music? (unless I missed it)  When I was in Europe a few months ago my cousin took me to a trampoline workout (huge over there) and the music was the livliest music you could imagine.  Electronic house music would be perfect for those of us who want to really kick it up several notches.  Thanks.....

Thank you, Felix!  Great minds think alike!  haha

Hi Donna, we have had the same thought a while ago and that' why we produced quite a few playlists on Spotify. Just search for "belliconusa" on Spotify - or just use this linke:

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