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Custom Plan Total Calories Burned



HI.. In my custom plan for "Rejuvenate" it says 7 day program, avg 15 time, Total Calories 456.  Is that 456 calories per session or for the whole 7 days??  I'm guessing the whole 7 days, but wanted to confirm.



Hi Tara, yes - that number is the total number of calories. We do provide more infos as to how we calculate the calories in the workouts on our FAQs page. Please check that out: 

In short we are calculating the number of minutes of the workout times the calorie factor that is determined by the intensity level of the workout: 

Intensity Level Comparisons
Level 1: Dusting and polishing furniture ~ 2.5 calories/minute.
Level 2: Walking 2.5 miles/hour ~ 3.9 calories/minute.
Level 3: Stretching ~ 4.2 calories/minute.
Level 4: Sit-ups / crunches - moderate ~ 4.8 calories/minute.
Level 5: Ashtanga yoga ~ 5.5 calories/minute.
Level 6: Low impact aerobics ~ 6.4 calories/minute.
Level 7: Jogging ~ 7.4 calories/minute.
Level 8: Running 5 mph ~ 9.0 calories/minute.
Level 9: Running 8 mph ~ 14.3calories/minute.
Level 10: Running 10 mph ~ 19.0 calories/minute.

This is obviously a ballpark figure but at the same time seems to be fairly accurate.

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