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Weight Loss

Weight Loss for beginners

"Looking for an easy pace yet challenging workout? Look no further!"



Focus and Coordination

"Improve your body's circulation with these simple moves."



A great workout for any time of the day

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Meet our handpicked trainers and experts!

All our trainers have teaching experience, are certified and will keep you motivated.

Arnita Champion
Her unique fitness program empowers individuals to tap into the “Champion within them.”
Fayth Caruso
Is one of the masterminds of bellicon training and there is no one better to teach you the bellicon style.
Jill Shannon
Teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga and combines these workouts with a fun bellicon training.
Remy D.
Exercising from the inside out. Remy teaches a holistic approach to strengthen mind and body.
Jeremy Sonkins
As a former tennis athlete he knows how to keep fit. Get some of his energy and watch your body change.
Daisy Miller
Teaches a booty- based New Orleans Bounce dance class. You will get fit while having a blast.

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