MINDFUL MOVE: Yoga for Backs Sequence

330 Sprünge

von Tracy Long

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““Yoga is the Fountain of Youth. You are only as young as your spine is flexible.” - Bob Harper / Joseph Pilates”

A mindful yoga sequence designed to breathe life into your back.

  • Dauer: 26 Mins
  • Sprünge: 330
  • Kalorien: 234
  • Level: 8


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Mindful Move: Yoga for Backs Sequence



Mindful Move: Yoga for Backs Sequence

Seems like a good session for my spine issues! Had a hard time keeping up at times without eyes on the screen but will keep going!

OMG.  Just what I needed and prayed I would fine today.  This routine helped me so much.  Words cant express my gratitude for this routine.  I was hurting and so tight I was afraid to try but knew I had to do something.  I do not believe the changes I could feel as I slowly did the routine.  I could not do a few of the exercises now but I extended the one that came before them and that worked for me.   I was amazed to find that I had issues bringing my knees together at the same angle at first.  But, after extending that portion of the tape and doing more of these exercises, I was able to make a shift and could feel and actually see the differences.  I now know what I need to work on and could feel where a lot of my tension and tightness lives.    I am going to do these twice a day...once in the morning when I get up and before bed and track my progress for a week.     
[:01:] Thank you so  very much.  I honestly do feel better right now.

I love this video so much Tracy. I can feel the difference in my back; it’s more flexible and relaxed. Thank you

I thought  the stretch at the wall was interesting. Felt like I breathed a little life into some underused spaces. 

I really like this video, works great for my back. However, like with a previous Mindful Move video, I do wonder whether the amount of calories burnt (234) is correct. I would think it should be much less.

Ich versteh leider nicht alles. Gibt es auch diese Lektion auf deutsch?

My back feels so good now.  Very professionally done!

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