Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #3

1975 Sprünge

von Tiziana Castiglioni

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“Stay in the game!”

Continue building to the weight loss series by adding speed to further increase heart rate.

  • Dauer: 20 Mins
  • Sprünge: 1975
  • Kalorien: 72
  • Level: 2


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Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #3



Tiziana's Beginner Weight Loss Workout #3

It was my first complete activity, very nice, thank's Tiziana,
Viele Grüße aus Germany [:01:]

When will the 4th one be released?

Back again!

This was great Tiziana. My heart is pounding. btw, this third video isn't in the plan there are only the first 2 videos in it, so some people might not see this great third video.
Have a wonderful day, thanks again for a great workout.[:01:]

Second time doing this one...just right!

[:01:][:01:][:01:][:01:] pas facile la coordination entre les jambes et les bras[:09:] !! merci

Love your simple yet challenging choice of moves and your expert queing! I'm also not  beginner but need a short cardio workout to complement the training circuit I do: jump rope, punch the heavy bag, step and stationary bike  (as you can see, I can get bored; so variety is perfect for me!) 

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