Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout

1100 Sprünge

von Jeremy Sonkin

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“Let's do this!”

Hop on your bellicon to shred and burn the pounds off with Jeremy in our newest and most advanced weight loss video.

  • Dauer: 33 Mins
  • Sprünge: 1100
  • Kalorien: 472
  • Level: 9


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Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout



Shred & Burn Weight Loss Workout

Great one again Jeremy loved it thank you

Wow! That was really exhausting for me. Now it goes without bad conscience to the Easter Brunch!

Great video, Jeremy is a great coach!! Pushes but is not a bully about it.[:01:]

Really enjoy Jeremy's clear instruction and ample time to coordinate with each new move for a smooth cardio flow.   

Jeremy - this was a great workout!  thanks.

Another one of my favourites. Such a great cardio fix to put you in a good  mood for the rest of the day!

It seems like that you changed the music on some videos, which I greatly appreciate - but it looks like the quality of the video is not the same anymore.

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