Daisy's Full Body Burn Workout

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von Daisy Miller

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“45 minutes of fun and burn”

Workout with Daisy with this full body 45 minute burn.

  • Dauer: 43 Mins
  • Sprünge: 3902
  • Kalorien: 226
  • Level: 5


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Daisy's Full Body Burn Workout



Hi Daisy - we need more of your videos!! Hopefully you can do some more? Your energy and enthusiasm is so contagious!! BTW - I had no problems with your cueing or the camera angles - The video was perfect!

Love Daisy's energy, she is one of my favourite trainers. 

Daisy is my "go-to" person for fabulous workouts!  Thank you!

I love bouncing with all your videos Daisy!!  This video, specifically targets all areas and very effective! You make bouncing so much fun and the time flies by so fast!! Can't wait to see more videos in the near future!! Hope you are doing well too!! :)

wonderful workout!

It was a wonderful workout. Daisy did a great job teaching and demonstrating. Thanks 

She's fun but the cueing could be a little better. Definitely got a workout in and really appreciate her energy!

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