Postnatal Series Part 1: Short and Sweet

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von Fayth Caruso

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“Let's just get moving again!”

Fayth is back into shape in this rejuvenating workout after having a baby. Join her in this postnatal series!

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Postnatal Workout Series Part 1



Fayth is back in this rejuvenating workout.

I'm loving this series. I'm 8 weeks now and it feels good to start moving my body again. It's good to have someone who knows what it's like to have recently had a baby.  I plan to go through this series until I'm feeling stronger. My question is - what next after that? I would love more workouts from a post-delivery viewpoint. Thank you!

Thanks for this series. I love your teaching, Fayth. And congratulations!!

Congratulations! Glad to see you back.

Congratulations on your precious baby!    Nice to see you back, I enjoy your videos!!

Congratulations!!! So happy to see you back teaching!  Much happiness with your new bundle of joy. 

First, congratulations on the birth of your little baby! [:01:]

I bought my bellicon after the birth of my daughter one year ago, because I had no time to go out for sport. And it was the best thing, I could do. Since this time I bounce some minutes during every day and I feel the good effect for my pelvic floor and the whole body. I don't wanna miss my bellicon!!! [:02:]

Fayth, I love your prenatal series. Now I'm happy about the postnatal series. Perhaps I'll get pregnant again. [:13:] I hope so![:06:]

Best wishes to you! [:01:]

Welcome back Fayth! Congratulations!!

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