Sarah's Quick Arm Strengthening Workout

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von Sarah Rosner

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“Reach those arms, give them purpose!”

Introducing Sarah and her fun, arm exercises. Bring out those weights and for an extra challenge, bounce.

  • Dauer: 12 Mins
  • Sprünge: 680
  • Kalorien: 70
  • Level: 6


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Sarah's Quick Arm Strengthening Workout



Great way to start my day! Thanks, Sarah!!

Thank you for a fun yet challenging bounce[:01:]

Thank you all for the comments. Looking forward to sharing more videos with you on the bellicon Home platform!

Great job Sarah. Love the workout. Welcome to Team Bellicon!

As iI practiced with 2 kg  weigh, at 2/3 time , I dropped the weighs , and iI feel my arms muscles  had great work!

Hello Sarah,  This was just what I needed<3  Thanks so much!  I would like to purchase those red weighted balls from Bellicon...but the 2lb. balls are only the color gray, and not the red ones you said you are using.  Maybe you were mistaken?  The 1lb. weighted balls are sold on Bellicon, and are bright orange.  Could you help me?

Thank you, Sarah! Please add more weights on the bellicon sequences! This was great. I'm trying yoga with weights now too and combining it with bellicon with weights is great.

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