Daisy's Just Dance Workout

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von Daisy Miller

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“Join me doing this fun dance workout!”

Daisy makes this long cardio workout fun by introducing her own exciting dance moves.

  • Dauer: 27 Mins
  • Sprünge: 2750
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  • Level: 8


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Daisy's Just Dance Workout



I'm back with a fun dance workout for y'all!

Love it please make more like this one. 

Love it!
High energy and lots of joy while jumping.
It would be great to include a cool down and stretch at the end - although 25 minutes is usually the only time I have to do a workout in the morning :-)

great workout!

very nice but the video doesn't work, by 13 minutes it goes back to 14.36 minutes, it took myself 10 times before I thought I'm doing the sime over and over again and the movie doesn't go further 

OMG how fun and energetic this workout was.  Thank you! Had my cardio in a very exciting way.[:06:]

I can see why this video has the most likes.  It was great, but I did have problems with it.  It kept freezing up on me.  I had to leave the site and start it all over again multiple times.  Finally, I was able to play it by keeping it on partial screen instead of full screen.  I  will be contacting Bellicon Support for help with this issue.  Thanks Daisy!  I love this athletic/dance cardio workout!

Wow, may I triple favorite Daisy's workout?  Why? I love the fact that the beat of the music was slower and that I could follow the entire workout with the moves on the beat of the music!  Makes it so much more enjoyable.  Keep up the great work!  

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