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“A workout for any time of the day!”

Treat your body well so that your soul is thrilled to live in it – Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) Fayth works on coordination and rejuvenation with a focus on breathing and movement to detox the body.

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Detox and De-Stress Training



Fayth and the bellicon experience

Love it.  So good to have a nice break and move!

Love it! Just right to take a break and move!

Sehr schönes Mini Training. Zum Wochen- Bzw. Tagesstart !!
Grüße von .Grete

Thank you, Fayth.  I love working out with your guidance.  This is one I visit often.

Oh Fayth, another great workout! I love the parts where you comment upon how to intensify the training (if desired  ;-)  ) by bending your knees, and I also find it really challenging to shift the gaze from the standard "straight ahead-mode". It's cool to know there are so many more videos to discover. :-)

Keep bouncing and thanks for your super comforting yet motivating way of chatting along during the bounce, that keeps me going smoothly. <3

My very first time ever on my new Bellicon. This opened me up so much! I feel great. 

I think it's perfect for the morning. just wake up first of all


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