High Intensity T-bar Cardio Blast

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von Daisy Miller

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“Always embrace the core!”

Join Daisy to do a High Intensity Cardio Blast using the bellicon Plus with the T-Bar.

  • Dauer: 20 Mins
  • Sprünge: 1633
  • Kalorien: 159
  • Level: 7


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High Intensity T-bar Cardio Blast



Always embrace the core!

Can a chair be used in front of the bellicon  instead if the t bar?  Lots of barre classes use heavy piece of furniture instead if the barre. 

you are a great trainer, i have many fun :-)

Just great!

Hi Daisy,
this was a Great Workout. It is allways so much fun with you. [:01:]

Love this workout!! Would love to do a fulll hour with barre work!!! 

Hi Daisy,
First time doing this workout.  I loved it!!  But I couldn't get the coordination down between the arms and legs when you were using the weights.  I just let my legs go where they wanted and still had a good sweat.   I'll keep trying.   And by the way, I love when you say "y'all."   My husband is from Texas so I'm used to hearing.  

Awesome workout!!!

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