Full Body Cardio & Strength

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von Fayth Caruso

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“In this full workout, Fayth demonstrates moves you can do for arms, legs, glutes and abs. ”

Fayth at the shore demonstrating a bellicon Bounce class.

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Full Body Cardio & Strength



OMG. Day two was so much fun.  I love my bellicon. I am so excited. I know I can reach my goals.  I love the way I feel and think this is one of the best investments that I made..  

This exercise showed me how weak my ankles are.  Good thing to know. I know that my continued program will help strengthen everything.  One major thing I noticed is that I am now able to do some exercises that I could not do before.  The bellicon puts me in the correct position.

Great workout.  Thank you!

Thank you[:01:]

Really great as my warm up! THANK YOU!

A perfect all-in-one workout. Thank you so much!

Awesome way to finish my 50 day challenge!! This was a great workout. Thanks so much.

thank you as always, Fayth! I really like the all-in-one kind of workouts

Hi Fayth,
great workout! I like a lot your smile during the workout, because it is motivating and the movements seem easier;-) Also, it is very good that you give instructions about the correct positions and remind us, to put the shoulders down and the belly in;-) Just one note: Partly, the music is a little bit too loud so that it is difficult to understand you instructions.

All my best,


Very cool planking exercises, and quite emanding (which is good). The music seems really loud at times, that's a little unnerving.
Standing on one leg eyes closed is just so hard!  ;-)  thanks Fayth for this all-in-one workout!  <3

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