Weight Loss #3

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von Fayth Caruso

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“Welcome back and enjoy the 3rd video in our Weight Loss Series!”

Fayth and Paige introduce this recovery workout with a little bit of cardio.

  • Dauer: 30 Mins
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Weight Loss #3



Paige and I introduce this recovery workout with a little bit of cardio - have fun!

Love the knee rolls at the end--really loosened up my lower back! 

Fantastic! LOVED the stretches and Fayth's prompts on posture and balance. Fayth, you are the BEST.[:06:]

Great workout! Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan. 

Great class, Fayth! 

Loved this workout. Exactly what I needed today. Then again, I love all of Paige's workouts. [:02:]

I did this video yesterday. Came up today as not done and can’t go on to next video. ??? Don’t want to do this one again. 

I really appreciate how Fayth encourages me to work hard, but isn't overwhelming with constant push, push, push cues.    This cardio series is a perfect blend of exertion while balancing with active recovery and stretching.    Thank you for being aware of the body's need to work and also rest.    Both are critical to wellbeing.   

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