Weight Loss #2

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von Fayth Caruso

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“Enjoy the 2nd video of our Weight Loss Series with Fayth and Billy!”

Fayth introduces a new student, Billy, in this full body workout video.

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I really like that this is mostly bouncing (with a few planks at the end).  It is a very good workout![:03:]

This was great I feel awesome! Thanks [:01:]

Day 2 video done! This is my day 4 of using the Bellicon. This one kicked my butt, and I finished it!  Great job Billy!

It is just AMAZING!!! 
I am 49 and I started using the Bellicon 2 months ago and I have lost the fat around my hips and stomach and my abs are back again, same goes for the muscles in the back and arms.
I started smoothly with a daily 10 minutes workout the 1st week and then a daily alternately 10 and 20 mn workouts the following 4 weeks, to continue with 20 mn per day the next 3 weeks. 
I am now doing a 30 mn workout every day and I am just addict to it!!!
Thank you so much Fayth, you are such a HAPPY GIRL!!!
Sorry for my English, I am French :-)

Loved this - definitely more challenging than yesterday's, which scared me for a minute, but then at the end when Fayth said tomorrow's workout would be a stretchy, recovery workout with cardio ... well, I was relieved, lol. I love your constant reminders, Fayth, about engaging abs/core and shoulders down - GREAT INSTRUCTION!  Keep it coming! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sept. 25,2015, my back and hip were injured..I have put on 20 pounds and my balance is not good. I was uncomfortable with my bellicone so I ended up ordering the T-bar for help balancing.  My questions: how to incorporate the arm movements until I regain my strength? I am switching arms as one remains lightly touching the t-bar. I did weight loss 1 yesterday and this one today.  Thank you for your help.

This was great with the medium bungees, really felt the burn in my thigh muscles and thought the cool down at the end with the stretching was well needed! Drinking plentry of water throughout the day (in my case sparkling spring water). Looking forward to day 3![:01:]

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