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von Fayth Caruso

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“Focus on breath, relaxation, and taking a break from your day.”

Enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation time on your bellicon. This is a great video to do after any workout to cool down or just on it's own if you need to relax.

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Super ! I really enjoyed this session[:01:] Thank you Fayth

This workout was my first. I think it was too much for me at this point. It looked like it would be easy. I completed it but experienced a lot of tachycardia and head pain. I’m working my way back to health from a debilitating illness. Still pretty weak, I guess. I may need to lower my expectations and workout level to work up more slowly. Still, I’m happy, as I was in a wheelchair part time 1 1/2 yrs ago, now I’m walking well again! Next step, bounce myself back to health!

Great video, thank you!

A quick suggestion-- when concluding a video it gives you three options (leave comment is one of them). Can you add a fourth option -- "Hide video"? It's fun to try out all the videos without having to scroll through ones you already know you don't want to do again. 

Thanks for all your work helping others get stronger.

Very nice guide. I liked the video a lot, though it is hard work for me to jump with both legs for such a long period of time. I just did how it felt good for me. .... Besides it was fun and relaxing, especially at the end. [:01:] Thanks for it.
Greetings form Austria/Vienna.

Wieder sehr angenehm 

nice bouncing, and a little longer for me because my internet is closing from time to time!

Trainerin super... Video hackt mit Unterbrechungen 

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