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Exercise has its ups and downs - we call them Squats!



Did you know we started doing squats when we were only 1 year olds?

Squats are still one of the best workout we can get: it is a full-body fitness staple that works hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. They are great for strengthening and toning our lower body. But what you may not know is our core gets a great workout too! Squats strongly engage a group of muscles in our lower back (Erector Spinea) as well as the transverse abdominal running from our ribs to our hips, to create stability for our entire body.

Squats are also extremely helpful to improve balance and coordination, and even more so when executed on a pliable surface like the bellicon mini-trampoline.

Follow Remy in this video where he shows us a series of different squats to strengthen both our thighs and abs. These are good ups and downs!

The link to this video appears to be broken.

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