We are giving you the best tool to stay fit and active while watching TV.

You do not want it to happen but it does, all the time. You come home from work, you feel exhausted, you turn on your TV and you faint on your comfortable sofa, your preferred recliner, and … stop moving.
Yes my friend, this will qualify you as a great “couch potato”!

But, guess what! You have the tool at your “feet” that will immediately turn you from a couch potato into a “mindful, healthy TV watcher”.

The solution is pretty simple. Dig out your bellicon, turn on your TV, get up on the mini-trampoline and start a gentle bounce while you enjoy the news, a movie or the latest episode of your preferred series. Once you start bouncing your mind and body will start regenerating, clearing up tension and fatigue, and making space for restored energy.

Be mindful, start now: get off your couch, get on your bellicon! https://video.be360.com/videos/217