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All Cardio, All Holiday, Plus a Dog



Join Fayth and her canine friend for an all cardio bounce to get you in the holiday spirit.

Wow, just what I needed in June! Thanks! Love your dog! My dog slept through my workout too. 

Still loving this workout (even though it is long past Christmas :-).
Everytime I do the workout though I hear Fayth saying that maybe there will be another one like it in the new year , with live music!!!!
It’s the new year!!!
Live music might be tricky but sure would love another all cardio video like this one by Fayth,  with a variety of moves, using every plane of motion, 20 minutes, with warm up and cool down and of course her sweet, sleepy dog!  No pressure ;-)

Greetings from the Netherlands. That was a great workout. I like it. And the Christmas music in May ... oh well … [:06:]

love it <3

Was a little late to the game but loved the holiday themed  workout all the more. Especially since Chicago went back to winter today[:12:]

[:01:] Great Video! So much fun! Hello from Berlin (Germany)... a bit after the holidays, or maybe just ““ready for Easter” [:03:] Always fun bouncing with you!  - Melissa

Ha ha - bouncing to holiday music in March (in the small town of Forres, in the north east of Scotland) made me smile. (Loved sharing this with your dog, too). Very much looking forward to the 2019 holidays version with your mum playing live music. Love your workouts Fayth - thank you for motivating me!

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