Brainbooster Challenge #2



Brainbooster Challenge

Loved this brain buster great energy.

I am always time crunched before work, so this was a perfect video to start my work day and week with.  

[:11:]So Short, but so Hard . Ich bin ko, hat aber trotzdem Spaß gemacht

pas facile de tout coordonner  ,  il reste un long  chemin à parcourir [:03:] la traduction en français serait appréciable [:02:]
not easy to coordinate  , but it's possible in a long time [:03:] the translate in french would be great

nice I love to practice with Faith! It's a pity my bellicose can't fit in my car to take it when I stay half the week opposite to my home . I bought the bag for ti for nothing!

Question:  I finished 1 & 2, then answered “Just Right”.  Now I want to do #3...however, they’re all still locked...even though I did finish 2, shouldn’t 3 be unlocked upon completion of #2.  TIA :)

Super fun. Loved the flipping hands - makes it more challenging. 

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